Welcome to Dentdale Music and Beer Festival 2019

With June nearly upon us and festival preparations in full swing it's hard to believe that it's been nearly 10 years since the very first festival.

It's over a year ago now since we lost a true hero and the 'Chairman of Chairmans' - Roger McClurg. To say Roger has been missed would be a great understatement as even at festival committee meetings in the depths of winter we've drawn the curtains tight, held hands in a circlish-shape and hummed the theme tune from 'Tales of the Unexpected' with the hope of guidance from the astral plane - one night we were convinced we had made contact but it just turned out to be another of those cheap energy-saving lightbulbs.

Anyway, now the permafrost's melted and we're heading towards those heady days of summer, there'll be no surprise that as it's our 10th Anniversary we've been cherry-picking some of the best music and beers from the last decade for your enjoyment. So raise a glass with friends old and new and we'll see you at the end of June. Speaking of drinks... where can I get £1 off each and every drink I hear you cry - look no further than the next paragraph...


Wristbands are now on sale (see side panel), order now and head straight on down to the bar!